A tier one bank implemented a web application for calculating and reporting risk analytics with the help of Xcelerit, replacing their legacy Excel interface. The application offers a user-friendly web interface for configuring, running, and analysing XVA and counterparty risk calculations, making use of existing in-house grid analytics systems in the backend. It uses state-of-the-art web technologies, is scalable, and ready for transitioning to cloud platforms in future.

Among the key technologies used are: Docker container technology, microservices, RESTful APIs, and an Angular front-end. The application is mobile-friendly and supports all modern browsers.

  • XVA and counterparty credit risk calculations
  • Easy setup for risk managers and traders
  • Replacing current Excel-based functionality
  • Use of existing in-house grid analytics in the backend
  • Intuitive results analysis, drilldown, and report generation
  • State-of-the-art web technologies with intuitive user interface
  • Full-stack web application: Angular front-end, Docker-based microservices backend, enterprise database