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Dramatically boost the performance of compute-intensive software

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Easily develop and deploy your performance-critical software applications

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Cost Efficiency

Massively reduce TCO with a portable, scalable, and future-proof solution

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Award-Winning Software Acceleration Solutions

Xcelerit award-winning solutions allow domain-specialists to unlock the performance of their existing code with minor programming effort.

Xcelerit has received recognition as a finalist in the Red Herring Europe Top 100 award, the Red Herring Top 100 Global award, and is a two-time winner of HPC Wire’s “Best use of High Performance Computing in Financial Services” award.

Xcelerit satisfied customers include the leading firms in investment banking, asset management, and insurance.

Our Awards


Dramatically boost the performance of existing applications


Easily develop high-performance applications

Cost Efficiency

Massively reduce development and infrastructure costs

Our Clients

Xcelerit SDK

Fast Analytics Made Easy

The award-winning Xcelerit SDK is a software toolkit to boost the performance of compute-intensive applications while preserving programmers’ productivity.

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AAD for Quants

QuantAD is an Automatic Differentiation tool for Quantitative Finance. It offers a robust and efficient alternative to finite difference for computing sensitivities.

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Featured White Paper

Deep Learning in Quant Finance

In this paper, we explore the application of machine learning to quantitative finance. Application areas include algorithmic trading, risk management, economic impact studies, asset allocation, and more.


Chief Architect /

IBM Platform Computing really does a good job of controlling exactly what resources are made available to any one job – the Xcelerit Software Development Kit then makes sure that every available chunk of compute power is used to the limit.

Chief Architect / IBM Platform Computing

Principal Engineer /

Intel processors can really deliver spectacular performance to programmers who make good use of their cores, caches and vector processing units. Xcelerit technology opens up Intel performance to programmers who don’t have that expertise.

Principal Engineer / Intel

Business Development Manager /

NVIDIA GPUs can deliver staggering power to the end user. In many financial applications, we find that companies have quite extensive existing codebases. Xcelerit makes it very easy, with minimal modifications, to enable really quite spectacular speed-ups.

Business Development Manager / Nvidia

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