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The award-winning Xcelerit SDK is a software toolkit to boost the performance of compute-intensive applications while preserving programmers’ productivity. From a modified sequential source code – free from any parallel constructs, low-level compiler directives, etc. – the Xcelerit SDK can generate highly optimised code for a variety of target processors. These include GPUs, many-core processors – and combinations of these in a grid. The programming interface is intuitive and suitable for many classes of algorithms, e.g. Monte-Carlo, Finite-difference, or Lattice-based methods. The Xcelerit SDK is targeted at domain specialists performing heavy computations with the need for a flexible in-house solution. Users can focus on the core of their algorithm and the problem at hand, and yet they can generate high-performance programs.

Xcelerit SDK Box


Dramatically boost the performance of existing applications


Easily develop high-performance applications

Cost Efficiency

Massively reduce development and infrastructure costs

Supported Hardware

  • GPUs
    GPUs from Nvidia, Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell, or Pascal architectures
  • CPUs
    x86 CPUs from Intel or AMD
  • Intel Xeon Phi

    Intel Xeon Phi accelerator processor (KNC)

Supported Operating Systems

Supported Extensions

  • Matlab

    Interface with Matlab from Xcelerit-enabled code

  • Microsoft Excel

    Interface with Excel from Xcelerit-enabled code

  • IBM Platform Symphony

    Seamlessly deploy Xcelerit-enabled applications on your IBM Platform Symphony grid

Eurico Covas - Head of QRVG Development and Hedge Accounting Systems

From our point of view, this is a very good solution. We can get the speedups we require, maintain a single codebase and run the executable on any of our in-house facilities. This is a very efficient way to cut infrastructure and development costs

Eurico Covas - Head of QRVG Development and Hedge Accounting Systems / HSBC

Mike Giles - Professor of Mathematical Finance and Scientific Computing

I really like the Xcelerit SDK for Monte Carlo applications. The API is very clean, and the implementation is very elegant. I can see this approach doing very well with the banks who will like this better than the turn-key solutions that most other ISVs develop.

Mike Giles - Professor of Mathematical Finance and Scientific Computing / University of Oxford

Credit Risk Quant

Xcelerit technology helped us boost a complex credit risk computation. No expert programming skills were required and with only minor changes to our original sequential code we observed a dramatic performance increase.

Credit Risk Quant / Societe Generale


Xcelerit does exactly what it says on the tin – delivering great performance without the need to worry about the hardware details.

Quant / Lloyds Banking Group

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