Modern enterprise applications and user interfaces are increasingly developed as web applications. Modern browsers and HTML / Javascript standards provide all features that tradionally were only possible with desktop applications, and de-facto all enterprise applications today are of a multi-user and distributed nature. This ensures scalability, robustness, future-proofing, and removes the need to install and configure applications on each workstation.

Xcelerit provides consulting and advisory services to help clients deploy modern state-of-the-art full-stack web applications. Xcelerit experts have successfully delivered web applications for a number of tier 1 investment banks, using technologies such as Angular, Docker, microservices, RESTful APIs, databases, cloud technologies, and more. Existing calculation engines can be easily integrated as backend services, either in-house or vendor-based. Legacy front-ends, such as desktop applications or Excel interfaces, can be replaced by the browser. Xcelerit team has developed a unique workflow to help clients moving their applications to the modern web, respecting usability, performance, security, and scalability requirements.

Case Study: Risk Analytics Web Application

A tier one bank implemented a web application for calculating and reporting risk analytics with the help of Xcelerit, replacing their legacy Excel interface. The application offers a user-friendly web interface for configuring, running, and analysing XVA and counterparty risk calculations, making use of existing in-house grid analytics systems in the backend. It uses state-of-the-art web technologies, is scalable, and ready for transitioning to cloud platforms in future.

  • XVA and counterparty credit risk calculations
  • Easy setup for risk managers and traders
  • Replacing current Excel-based functionality
  • Use of existing in-house grid analytics in the backend
  • Intuitive results analysis, drilldown, and report generation
  • State-of-the-art web technologies with intuitive user interface
  • Full-stack web application: Angular front-end, Docker-based microservices backend, enterprise database

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  • Migrate existing applications to the web browser
  • Design intuitive user interfaces
  • Run distributed, scalable, and secure backend services
  • Develop full-stack applications, from front-end to database
  • Employ state-of-the-art web technologies

About Xcelerit

Xcelerit is a leading provider of acceleration solutions for Quantitative Finance, engineering, and research. Our portfolio of solutions addresses a range of acceleration challenges from algorithmic optimisations to software acceleration. Xcelerit is the maker of the award-winning toolkit that allows domain-specialists to unlock the performance of accelerators (GPUs and Xeon Phi), and optimally deploy the advanced features of conventional multi-core processors. All of this is achieved with minor modifications to the existing source code.

Xcelerit extensive experience enables the firm to deliver a full solution from expert consultancy, bespoke development, training, and software acceleration. Our distinct competitive advantage derives from our unique combination of domain specialist knowledge and High Performance Computing expertise. This allows us to forge the most efficient solutions to better address our clients’ computational challenges.

Xcelerit has received recognition as a finalist in the Red Herring Europe Top 100 award, the Red Herring Top 100 Global award, and a two-time winner of HPC Wire’s “Best use of High Performance Computing in Financial Services” award. Our satisfied customers include the leading firms in investment banking, asset management, and insurance.